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Who We are?
CaraNgeblog.club is a blog written by a blogger from Indonesia.

What is the Purpose?
Interest CaraNgeblog.club is to share information about the world of blogging, such as how to start blogging, SEO tips and tricks, how to optimization blog for monetization. etc

Because we want the whole of bloggers around the world were able to reach their goals.
 We will work hard together to become the best blogger.

The Author
Auliya Fikri (Afu)
The Author
My name is Auliya Fikri, currently active as student of the Department of Sociology at the  Andalas University, Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. I was interested in IT since early entering junior high schools, and launch into a Blogger when entering high school.

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keep blogging , i wish find way here "how to max blogfor monetization ?"

Thank's for coming, let's find the way together :)

Are you from indonesia ? dont never give up yeah .

Thank's for support, we'll do the best :)

Try to Write articles that are useful in order to be useful for the many :D

yes, let's be useful :)

let's start writing articles for your blog can be visited by visitors. I hope you succeed blog

Thank's for support, u too :)

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